Rustaway offers the following limited lifetime warranty in lieu of any and all express or implied warranty, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. There are no warranties, which extend beyond the description on the face hereof. Rustaway shall have no liability whatsoever for damages other than those set out herein. Rustaway shall in no event be responsible for any special, consequential or incidental damages.

New Car Warranty

This warranty applies to new privately owned vehicle(s), provided that the vehicle is not older than one (1) year, and upon inspection approval by a Rustaway center. A vehicle(s) warranty remains in effect for the life of the vehicle regardless of how many miles the vehicle is driven, provided that vehicle is returned to Rustaway annually for re-treatment at the customer's expense.


Provided that a Rustaway Center has reapplied the Rustaway product annually to the vehicle within 13 months of the last application, Rustaway warrants that it will repair or replace at its cost all original body panels, which have rusted through from the inside out. The areas covered by this Rustaway warranty are the front and rear fender panels, the underside of the vehicle, the bottoms of the doors, the rocker panels (non-foam filled), the hood, and the trunk lid.

Damaged Vehicle

If your vehicle is involved in an accident, you must contact the Rustaway center within 14 days for reapplication to the damaged area of your vehicle. This reapplication will be done at a nominal charge to the owner. In the event that the Rustaway center, in its discretion, considers the damage extensive or the repair inferior, it may cancel this warranty in part or in full. Failure to reapply the Rustaway product in these circumstances voids this warranty.

Areas Not Covered Under Warranty

This warranty does not apply to rust penetrating the vehicle panels from the outside in, meaning the side opposite the one where the treatment was applied, and caused by lack of maintenance, paint fraying, scratches, chips, nicks, moldings and/or areas damaged following a collision or vandalism. Foam filled areas or sound detonating areas are not covered under a Rustaway warranty. In addition, any mechanical or mechanically related components such as: the gas tank, muffler, roof, doorposts, or any other area that is not accessible to treatment without removing parts, are not included in the warranty. Corrosion related to design flaws is the responsibility of the manufacturer and is not covered in this warranty.

Claims Procedure

In the case of a claim, a customer must first submit a claim in writing to the Rustaway center within thirty (30) days of the last application of Rustaway on the vehicle. Upon receiving the claim, the Rustaway center will make arrangements with the customer to have the vehicle inspected at a Rustaway center. The customer must bring with them the original initial application proof of purchase, along with all follow up Rustaway invoice applications upon inspection. The customer must obtain a written authorization from the Rustaway center before proceeding with any repairs. Rustaway, under the conditions of this warranty, shall not be responsible for lost time, inconvenience or any other consequential damage including loss of use of vehicle in the event repairs are made to the vehicle under the conditions of this warranty.