RUSTAWAY is a highly effective, clear, odorless, multipurpose corrosion protection made up of a unique blend of oils that lubricates moving parts, penetrates existing rust, displaces moisture, helps to prevent further corrosion, and leaves a protective film when applied to metal surfaces.

How much is a RUSTAWAY vehicle application?

RUSTAWAY vehicle application pricing starts at $109.95 & up, plus tax, price varies based on size of vehicle.

How much are RUSTAWAY 11oz cans?

RUSTAWAY 11oz cans can be purchased online or in stores for $8.95 plus tax a can.

What is rust?

Hydrated iron oxide is permeable to air and water, allowing the metal to continue to corrode - internally - even after a surface layer of rust has formed. Given sufficient hydration, the iron mass can eventually convert entirely to rust and disintegrate.

What is Rust Proofing?

Rust proofing is the process of applying a rust-inhibiting product to the underside and inside of a vehicle's body as well as any other rust-prone areas. Rust proofing is commonly confused with undercoating which treats only the underside of a vehicle.

Do you drill any holes in the vehicle?

RUSTAWAY dealers will use all the existing holes provided by the manufacturer, however, certain critical areas cannot be accessed without drilling. To avoid the consequences of drilling, RUSTAWAY dealers will use a special drill bit that will not heat up the metal area. Once the area has been treated we protect every hole by applying a special protective product and esthetic plastic caps.

How long does a RUSTAWAY automobile application last?

RUSTAWAY automobile applications are recommended yearly, our product contains active ingredients that will continue to protect your vehicle for over one-year, however, since RUSTAWAY should be reapplied annually for optimum protection.

My car is already showing signs of rust, will your treatment work?

RUSTAWAY will not repair existing rust but it will slow down its progress considerably.

Do you offer a warranty on vehicle RUSTAWAY applications?

A RUSTAWAY warranty applies to vehicles less than 1 year old that have been inspected and approved by one of our authorized centers.

Will my new car warranty be void?

RUSTAWAY does not void new car warranties.

Do you clean the underside of my car first?

If necessary, RUSTAWAY centers will remove any accumulations of dirt under your fenders and in other sensitive areas before the vehicle is treated.

Can you treat my new car when it's wet?

RUSTAWAY displaces moisture and can be applied any time of the year.

Does your product drip?

Our RUSTAWAY product is designed to have minimal drip age.

When can I wash my car?

We recommend that you do not wash your vehicle for at least 48 hours. After the 48 hours we do recommend washing with: warm water, mild soap, and a scrubbing action with a soft cloth. An automobile car wash is acceptable.

What if my vehicle is involved in an accident?

If your vehicle is involved in an accident, please contact your RUSTAWAY center within 14 days for re-application to the damaged area of your vehicle. The re-application fee can be done at a nominal charge to the owner. Please keep in mind, if you have utilized insurance for your accident, inform the insurance company that your automobile has had RUSTAWAY applied. You may have to show your RUSTAWAY proof of purchase to receive payment for your claim. In the event that the RUSTAWAY center, in its discretion considers the damage extensive or the repairs inferior, it may cancel this warranty in part or in full. Failure to reapply the RUSTAWAY product in these circumstances voids any RUSTAWAY warranty.

Courtesy inspections are available at no charge.