A cost-effective way to protect your investments against rust

Corrosion Control Centers dba RUSTAWAY, a locally owned and operated, multipurpose rust prevention company, with multiple locations throughout WNY, is designed to assist consumers with protecting their automobiles against WNY's harsh winters, extreme temperatures, massive doses of road salt and wet weather conditions.

Our RUSTAWAY product has been protecting vehicles in Erie and Niagara counties against rust for many years. Manufactured right here in Buffalo, NY, our product is an environmentally safe, clear, odorless, yearly application that is sprayed under extreme high pressure to areas of your vehicle where rust starts...places sealant rust proofing can't reach.

In addition to RUSTAWAY automobile applications, we offer RUSTAWAY in 11oz cans that may be used at home or at work on equipment, tools, hinges, locks, latches and much much more...available at any of our RUSTAWAY centers or on-line, please see retail section to order.

RUSTAWAY an oil based product that displaces water, so it can be applied any time of the year, in any type of weather.


  • As a company, our goal is to exceed the customers' needs and expectations in providing the highest quality corrosion control products and services
  • Our beliefs are to conduct ourselves with the highest standards of professional ethics, honesty and integrity with our customers, employees and suppliers.
  • We will offer and deliver exceptional corrosion prevention services.
  • We will continue building, operating and maintaining the finest corrosion control centers in the industry.
  • We will create and promote an environment of teamwork and mutual respect among our team members; and partner with our local communities to make a difference in our society.
  • Our commitment to our customers and employees is matched by our respect for the communities we serve.
  • Our success in the field of automotive rust control is the result of superior products, high standards of performance, distinctive competitive strategies and the high integrity of our people.

Discover the benefits of our anti-corrosion product

Maintaining a rust-free vehicle doesn't have to break the bank. Our Rustaway spray is a cost-effective solution for keeping your car in tiptop shape. You'll be glad you came to us for a coating because our technology:

  • Has been tested and refined to lubricate moving parts
  • Penetrates existing rust and displaces harmful moisture
  • Prevents further corrosion by working as a protective film

Rustaway can help increase the lifespan of your vehicle. Contact us now to learn more about the benefits of our top-notch product.

How can you get Rustaway for your vehicle?

Getting a coat of Rustaway on your car is simple. All you have to do is:

  • Make an appointment for services
  • Bring your car in for an hour-long session
  • Sit tight while we spray your car with Rustaway

Once we finish, your vehicle will be protected against rust for a year. We also sell Rustaway in cans so you can take our product home with you. You can use canned Rustaway to touch up your vehicle or spray other equipment, like a lawnmower or snowmobile.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available for purchase at all RUSTAWAY locations.

Coat Your Car With Rustaway

Let us protect your car against rust and corrosion

Don't let harsh winters take their toll on your vehicle's appearance. Keep Rust Away can give your car, truck, bus or fleet vehicle a coat of high-quality Rustaway. Rustaway is a multipurpose anti-corrosion clear spray that keeps your car rust-free. We can spray it on your new or used vehicle any time of year, but you'll definitely want to have your car coated before winter comes around.

Make sure your vehicle looks great all year long. Make an appointment to get Rustaway for your car in Niagara Falls, NY or at any of our other five locations today.